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Aroma Pot - Lemon Myrtle | 50+hrs

Aroma Pot - Lemon Myrtle | 50+hrs

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Experience the calming effects of this genuine, Australian-crafted aroma. You'll be transported to tranquillity with its earthy, herbal notes. Our luxurious, creamy white coconut soy wax blend is hand poured and lasts up to 50+ hours.

Top notes: lemon + eucalyptus
Middle notes: lemon verbena + sage

Base notes: sandalwood+ patchouli

Australian Artist Jess Hutchison talks about her 'Pip' the superb fairy wren artwork
We have a family of superb fairy wrens that live in our garden. I absolutely adore their fluffy little chest feathers and high pitched song. Such a happy and beautiful little bird!

Burn Time: 50+ hours
Dimensions: 10cms high x 8.5cms wide
Ingredients: Soy wax blend, Cotton wick, premium fragrance

© copyright of Christina Lowry Photography, Katja Anton Photography and Aroma Pot Candles

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