Collection: Kiran Mehta

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Canberra, Australia, Kiran's art embodies a tapestry of colours, emotions, and resilience. As a devoted mother, seasoned consultant, and a spirited soul with a penchant for hues, Kiran's journey into the realm of art is as diverse as her creations.

With her partner and her son as her guiding light, Kiran found solace and purpose amidst the shadows of post-natal depression. It was during this transformative period that her artistic odyssey began, serving as both catharsis and triumph. Her canvases, ablaze with bold and vibrant hues, echo her Indian heritage.

Kiran's art exudes a contemporary impressionistic flair, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking vistas of Australia's landscapes. Infused with texture, organic marks, and poignant affirmations, each piece is a testament to her reverence for nature's beauty. Through luminous colours and expressive brushstrokes, Kiran invites viewers on a spiritual journey, enveloping them in the same joy and warmth she experiences in each stroke of the brush.

Utilising a myriad of mediums, including acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal, and inks, Kiran's creative process is a symphony of intuition and exploration. With each canvas, she embarks on a playful dance of colours, alternating between mark making and acrylics until the final image emerges, a testament to her unwavering spirit and boundless creativity.

Beyond her canvas, Kiran is a devoted IT consultant, seamlessly balancing the realms of logic and imagination. Yet, it is through painting that she bridges the gap between her analytical mind and her creative spirit.

In a cherished ritual, Kiran begins each masterpiece with a prayer or positive affirmation, imprinting the canvas with her hopes and dreams. It is this sacred act that infuses her art with a soul-stirring energy, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the profound beauty of her creations.

2021 - primoRed2 by Redwest, C and H Gallery, Hoppers Crossing
2021 - Emerging Women exhibition by Artisan Society, Australia, Box Hill Community Arts Centre
2021 - $50 - $500 - RedWest Creatived Co-op, Sunshine Art Gallery
2021 - Off The Cuff, The Hut Gallery in Ferntree Gully