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"Apsley From Above" Original

"Apsley From Above" Original

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Textured Acrylic on Canvas 


By Artist Nicole Blake 

Currently hanging in 

Nicole Blake House Of Colour 

Walcha, NSW 

 "Apsley from Above"


Nestled within the tranquil town of Walcha, New South Wales, lies the breathtaking Apsley Falls and Gorge. This natural wonder has profoundly inspired Nicole Blake, who has captured its essence in her deeply textured acrylic painting, "Apsley from Above."


Having lived in Walcha for the past three years, Nicole has developed an intimate connection with the landscape. "Apsley from Above" is her impressionistic interpretation of an aerial view of Apsley Falls and Gorge, rendered in a vibrant palette of greens and pinks that bring this majestic scenery to life.


The painting’s texture is its most captivating feature. Layer upon layer of acrylic paint has been meticulously applied to create a tactile experience that beckons viewers to reach out and touch it. The texture adds a dynamic dimension to the artwork, making the foliage, water, and cliffs seem to leap off the canvas. The greens and pinks intermingle in a harmonious dance, reflecting the lush vegetation and the delicate play of light on the gorge's surfaces.


Nicole’s unique perspective transforms the viewer into an aerial explorer, soaring above the falls and gorge. The painting captures the sweeping curves of the landscape, the intricate patterns of the trees, and the shimmering surface of the water as it cascades into the depths below. Each brushstroke conveys the movement and energy of the falls, while the textured layers evoke the tactile sensation of the natural world.


Living in Walcha has allowed Nicole to develop a profound connection with Apsley Gorge. Her artistic journey is a testament to the impact this landscape has had on her creative spirit. "Apsley from Above" is not just a visual representation; it is a heartfelt tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty and tranquility of Apsley Falls and Gorge.


This painting is more than just an artwork—it is an experience. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the vibrant colours and rich textures that define Nicole’s impressionistic style. As you gaze upon "Apsley from Above," you can almost feel the cool breeze, hear the gentle rustling of leaves, and sense the cascading water's refreshing spray.


By acquiring "Apsley from Above," you are not just purchasing a piece of art; you are embracing a story of transformation and connection. Nicole’s journey to Walcha and her deepening relationship with the landscape are woven into every brushstroke, making this painting a testament to the power of place in shaping artistic expression.


Let "Apsley from Above" bring the magic of Apsley Falls and Gorge into your home, offering a daily reminder of the natural beauty and tranquility that lies just beyond the edge of the canvas. This masterpiece is not only a stunning addition to any collection but also a narrative of discovery, inspiration, and the timeless bond between artist and landscape.




Who Is Nicole Blake – Artist

Who is Nicole Blake? Well, she's a creative powerhouse—a multidisciplinary artist who works magic with paint and fibers and basically anything crafty. Creating brings her joy and peace, especially after tough times, which she's had her fair share of. For her, art is therapy, a way to stay happy and keep those hands busy (because, you know, "idle hands are the devil's tools").



Nicole's art is not just local; it's gone global, with her pieces finding homes all over Australia and even internationally. Big names like Amazon and Loupe Art have licensed her work, recognizing her talent and unique style.

What sets Nicole apart is her refusal to stick to one style. She finds it hard to understand how some artists can create the same thing over and over. For her, art is about letting creativity, passion, heart, and mind run wild. She's not one to be confined to a single space or style.

Her artworks are a reflection of her spirit—wild, free, and happy. And if you ever meet her, her infectious personality will show you that she's someone who's been through a lot but still manages to spread joy.

Whether you're into her colorful, textured creations or just want to get to know the woman behind the art, I hope you find as much delight in Nicole as I have.

Gabriella x






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